Compliance One Group, a national code compliance firm, is pleased to announce multiple promotions as the organizations growth multiplies while celebrating its five-year anniversary. Compliance One Group has created a new tier of leadership with six recent promotions to the position of director. This growth positively impacts not only the local economic scene but reinforces the company’s commitment to Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan.

Joe Humphries, Val Halcomb, Scott Mason, Michael Crall, Tom Martin, and Carrie Kotecki have recently been promoted to the position of director for their respective areas of responsibility for the firm that guides and trains those responsible for life safety systems and unplanned disruptions as they resourcefully anticipate roadblocks, mitigate risks and provide creative, sustainable actions that are safe, practical, effective and affordable.

With a recent promotion to Business Development Director, Joe Humphries represents the organization as sales director and will continue to direct the team’s multi-disciplined experts of current and former law enforcement and fire officials, Homeland Security personnel, and certified Life Safety compliance experts in the areas of Emergency Preparedness and Safety, Security & Training.

As Director of Survey Readiness, Valerie Halcomb manages the team while researching and preparing Life Safety and Environment of Care surveys for the group’s national healthcare clientele. In addition to the multi-disciplined Compliance One Group team of architects, engineers, construction managers, fire inspectors, former surveyors and Certified Healthcare Constructors, Val serves the needs of her clients’ physical environment as it relates to healthcare, education and corporate facilities.

With 25 years’ experience, Scott Mason has been promoted to Director of Testing, Inspection & Maintenance where he directs and manages the firm’s all-inclusive testing, inspection & maintenance programs prepared to stand the rigorous test of all Authorities Having Jurisdiction and other regulatory institutions. In addition to working with local and state accrediting agencies, Scott will manage the group’s approved vendors and partners.

Industry veteran Michael Crall has been promoted to Director of Barrier Management/Design, Codes, & Standards. With over 30 years of experience, Crall manages client’s projects life safety drawings and assesses the overall integrity of a facilities rated wall assemblies, and also trains clients in initial set-up and continued surveillance best practices in the areas of Life, Safety and Environment of Care.

With over 41 years expertise in the fields of criminal justice, risk management and life safety, Tom Martin has been promoted to Director of Safety, Security & Training and guides the safety and security of the firm’s clients’ employees, patients, students and systems in the healthcare, school, university and multiple use construction facilities. Tom will assist in the evaluation of/best practices training procedures to meet compliant risk management and oversight in the areas of: security operations, relevant policy reviews, current “use of force” policy reviews, report writing systems/practices administration, and administrator and security personnel screening/interview practices.

As the newly appointed Director of Emergency Preparedness, Carrie Kotecki will assist the organization’s national clientele to work with clients to determine their facility deficiencies and needs in order to develop a sustainable solution that will meet what is necessary for that particular client/facility, as well as develop emergency operations plans.

Carrie’s vast healthcare, emergency services and emergency preparedness experience over the past 38 years will provide invaluable industry insight. As a subject matter expert/contracted instructor for the Center of Domestic Preparedness for the past 14 years, Carrie enjoys teaching health care leadership disaster tactics to leaders across the United States.

IIn addition to these 6 new promotions, we have recently hired Rick Ruder as Technician, and Amber Stroup as our Program Support Specialist.

Joe Humphries
Director of Business Developmenet

Val Halcomb
Director of Survey Readiness

Scott Mason
Director of Testing, Inspections, & Maintenance

Michael Crall
Director of Barrier Management/
Design, Codes, & Standards

Tom Martin
Director of Safety, Security, & Training

Carrie Kotecki
Director of Emergency Preparedness