Exercises in preparedness give opportunities to prepare for the worst. At Compliance One Group, our team of criminal justice professionals and first responders have thousands of hours of emergency preparedness and safety, security & training and look forward to teaching your team how to best respond to emergencies.

“The recent and horrific Las Vegas shooting reminds us that we just don’t know when bad things will happen to innocent people. Schools, hospitals, and nursing homes are particularly vulnerable when a shooter appears. Our team of criminal justice professionals have extensive training, education and life/career experiences in all facets of public safety operations to help your organization be prepared,” said Eric Kella, VP of Operations, Compliance One Group.

Be aware.
Citizens can help by being observant and utilizing situational awareness — knowing where you can run to or hide in any given environment and also taking note of things that seem out of place such as someone wearing a long coat on a hot summer day. Our team emphasizes the importance of being alert to things that are suspicious or unusual, and encourages all community members to immediately contact the authorities if something “does not feel right.”

Be prepared.
Compliance One Group will work with your organization in the evaluation of security operations, review of relevant policies, review of current “use of force” policies, evaluation of report writing systems/practices, and administrator and security personnel interviews. Once the findings are conclusive, we will provide recommendations and best practices training procedures to efficiently meet compliant risk management and oversight.

With a focus on compliance and safety, Kella further stated, “Our team uniquely includes the most reputable and recognized training and prevention industry talent working together, and, with years of on the job experiences, industry certification, and continuing education, Compliance One Group is your trusted source to emergency preparedness.”