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Emergency Preparedness Resources

Free Tools to Plan, Respond, and Recover from COVID-19

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How can you prepare for a public health emergency?

Planning for a potentially infectious disease pandemic, like COVID-19, is critical to protecting the health and welfare of our nation.

In this video, our Director of Emergency Preparedness, Carrie Kotecki, shares her thoughts on how healthcare organizations can start preparing now to prevent a future public health emergency. Click on the video to the left to watch it.

Do you know the measures to take at the end of your shift?

In this free PowerPoint download, Carrie Kotecki shares what healthcare workers need to know about coronavirus, actions they should take at the end of their shift, and how they can properly clean their personal effects. Click here to download the slide deck.


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Our Experts

About Carrie Kotecki

Director of Emergency Preparedness

As the retired Director of Emergency Services for Bronson Healthcare Group in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Carrie has more than 38 years of experience providing 24-hour oversight of a Level One trauma center with an annual census of 98,000 visits, a 20-bed admission unit, 24/7 admission transfer center, and the overall responsibility of emergency preparedness programs for the hospital system.

Now, Carrie trains nationwide on the topics of workplace violence, healthcare leadership, and front-line staff training. She also performs on-site mock surveys as it relates to emergency preparedness to:

  • assess the needs of a facility; and
  • identify any deficiencies or areas of non-compliance with standards, codes, and laws.

About Margaret Acker

Surgery Center Expert

As a masters prepared registered nurse with a business background, Margaret’s expertise in healthcare regulations and applications of standards provide a rich dimension to her team at Compliance One Group.

Before joining the Compliance One Group team, Margaret retired as CEO of a large surgery center in the Midwest. She is a former member of the Board of Directors of Michigan Ambulatory Surgery Association (MASA), where she served as the PAC liaison and was formerly Treasurer and Membership Chair. Before her role as CEO, Margaret served as the Administrator of a physician-owned multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center that performed close to 5,000 surgeries per year.

About Sally Berglin

Emergency Preparedness Expert

With Sally’s 40 years of proven nursing, teaching, and hospital administration experience, she is poised and ready to help you identify the areas of vulnerability that exist within your organization.

As an expert in emergency preparedness, her clients look to her to provide viable solutions and programs to mitigate risk. She does this by first understanding the specific needs you have – considering the emotional, physical, and mental stressors – and then tailoring programs specific to your organization. This holistic approach has led to raving fans that continue to hire Compliance One for their emergency preparedness needs.


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