Comprehensive services in preparedness to maintain compliance and mitigate risk.

Our team of former CMS surveyors, life safety code specialists, fire inspectors, and emergency response trainers will prepare your staff to remain in compliance, track assets, manage documentation, and be ready for an unexpected event.

What We Offer

We are committed to promoting a culture of compliance and providing quality, industry-leading, solutions tailored to fit your needs.

Emergency Preparedness

Our highly qualified team assists healthcare facilities in planning to respond to emergencies. We will assist in developing preparedness, response, and recovery policies and guidelines including hands-on training.

Mock Surveys

Our team of former Accreditation Surveyor’s provide on-site environment of care, life safety, and emergency preparedness mock surveys to prepare your facility for your next survey.

Door Inspections & Repairs

Our Certified Fire Protection Specialists will inspect your fire doors and provide corrective actions in our detailed door reports or provide the necessary compliant repairs.

Building Risk Assessments

We provide an initial security/access control vulnerability assessment that determines specific areas within your facility that need attention and/or require additional security and design and construction improvements.

Life Safety Drawings

We perform on-site reviews of your facility and existing life safety drawing documentation to leverage and compile/update a set of detailed drawings that are in alignment with all authorities having jurisdiction.

Document Review & Maintenance

Our comprehensive on-site document review process identifies deficiencies, missing documentation, and vendor documents with a state of compliance report final deliverable, and our document maintenance service provides you with ongoing document review leading up to your next accreditation survey.

Fuel & Tank Maintenance Program

Our fuel and tank maintenance program meet all compliance requirements for the Joint Commission and NFPA’s Life Safety Code. The program involves fuel and tank maintenance, inspection, lab testing, treatment, and documentation.

Damper Inspections

Our damper inspections include an on-site assessment to determine location, apply appropriate labeling, record damper within asset software, and provide a damper report final deliverable.

Asset Management

Our proactive life safety asset tracking involves continuous oversight for maintenance and compliance with the authorities having jurisdiction.

Trainings We Offer

Our training programs are custom developed to complement your facilities needs to reduce anxiety among your staff by training them to be prepared.

Workplace Violence Training

Our custom workplace violence training is designed to train frontline staff on how to recognize, prevent, and use tactical communication and de-escalation skills in workplace violence situations. Our training can cover topics such as HIPAA & law enforcement issues, emergency preparedness, de-escalation management, and situational awareness to name a few.

Active Shooter Training

Our Active Shooter training is designed to prepare your front-line staff for an effective emergency response. Our reality-based scenarios will provide your staff with confidence and will reduce their anxiety by properly preparing them to respond in an active shooter situation.

Healthcare Leadership & Frontline Staff Training

Our Healthcare Leadership & Frontline Staff training involves workplace violence and hospital incident command training to provide consistent guidelines when it comes to preparation for, response to, and recovery from an event or incident. This training is scenario-based and offers a variety of hands-on training drills to prepare your staff.

K-9 Training Program

Our hospital K-9 Program is designed to help you in the K-9 handler selection process, and training the new handler on their interaction responsibilities, patient engagement, and facility patrol.

Train the Trainer

Our highly skilled trainers will teach specific training tactics to your facility trainers, and fully prepare them to train your staff in preparedness, response, and recovery scenarios.

Life Safety Code Training

Understand practical applications of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. Learn how to prepare for a survey from life safety surveyors. This training can be developed for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

What People Are Saying

“The re-organization and transformation of our security services team were significantly aided by the work of Compliance One.”

Rick R. Redetzke
VP, Facilities & Real Estate, Spectrum Health System

“I trust Compliance One to find solutions that are cost-effective, technically superior, and sustainable for our organization.”

Walt Pullins
Executive Director, Environment of Care & Hospitality Services, Lakeland Medical Center

“Working with our friends at Compliance One has been a tremendously positive and beneficial experience. Their knowledge and expertise are outshined by their professionalism and tact. We’ve been able to make improvements to our program that are experience and evidence-based, and have had an immediate, tangible impact on the safety and security of our patients, visitors, and staff at Holland Hospital.”

Gregory Chatfield
Director of Safety and Security, Holland Hospital

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