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Case Study: Huron School District


Huron School District is home to 2,600 students and 400 staff, teachers, and administrators with four sites, including two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Compliance One helped to develop a district-wide Emergency Operations Plan.


The Problem

Compliance One was contracted to assess current emergency preparedness and response plans for Huron School District.

The district needed to be prepared for not only armed assailants, active violence, and bomb threats, but their four buildings are uniquely located between the Detroit Metro Airport, two major highways, and railway crossings.

The Compliance One team discovered further complications due to potential multiple unforeseen hazardous and life-threatening events, including plane crashes, chemical releases from freight cars, and the possibility of railway crossing delays affecting all emergency response personnel.

The Solution

Following a thorough assessment, Compliance One developed a new Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that includes evacuation and reunification exercises for all schools within the district utilizing local law enforcement.

The new EOP outlines everyone’s roles and responsibilities during a crisis event for member(s) of the Huron School District, Wayne County Police and Fire Department, Huron School District Police Officer Liaison, Wayne County Airport Authority, and the local hospital, medical, and ambulance organizations.

Compliance One also provided armed assailant training to all teachers, staff, and administrators throughout the district, coordinating the training with Huron Township Police Department.