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Our Life Safety educational resource hub is full of healthcare knowledge to help you be better informed of the changing world around you. 

Rather than sit back and act on decisions made by others, we are leading the charge as it relates to identifying best practices for Life Safety Code® and compliance. We have real people that give our clients real information that can be put into practice.

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Storage (Life Safety Code)Q&A

Q: Our medical supply room contains combustibles, and is larger than 100 square feet. It does not have a door and the room opens onto the corridor, behind our nurse …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jul 29, 2012
ArticleDocumentation (Life Safety Code)

I get asked this question from time to time..."How long must I keep test and inspections reports?" My answer has always been... Forever. Don't throw anything out. You never know …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jul 26, 2012
Mechanical RoomsQ&A

Q: I have a storage question for you that relates to storing beds and other hospital equipment in our mechanical rooms. Is this allowed or would I be cited for …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jul 22, 2012
Professional OrganizationsArticle

I just returned from the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) annual conference, this year held in San Antoinio, TX. Great city and a great conference. I always enjoy attending …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jul 20, 2012
Q&AFire Extinguishers

Q: Is the hospital responsible for the fire extinguishers supplied by the contractors while they are performing work in our hospital? We had a surveyor cite us for not performing …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jul 15, 2012
KitchensHazardous AreasArticle

If you read my Q&A on kitchens being hazardous areas, which was posted last Sunday (July 8th), then you may have been surprised by my position that kitchens are considered …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jul 12, 2012
Q&AHazardous Areas

Q: Is the main kitchen in a hospital considered a hazardous area? I’m referring to the main kitchen where all the food is prepared for the hospital, not the kitchenettes …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jul 8, 2012
ArticleSigns (Life Safety Code)

Just like a policy or a management plan, CMS, Joint Commission, HFAP and DNV surveyors will hold you accountable to what your signage is telling you. If a sign is …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jul 5, 2012

Q: Our entire hospital is protected with automatic sprinklers. Do the contents and furnishings in our patient rooms need to meet a flame spread standard? A: The answer to this …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jul 1, 2012

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We help you be better informed of the changing world around you.  Our life safety blog answers your real world questions! 



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