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      Q&A Fire Alarm

      Q: What is the spacing requirement for fire alarm occupant notification devices?

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 24, 2013
      Q&A Life Safety Code

      Q: We recently had a survey where we were cited for not having a paved sidewalk from the exit door of a stairwell, to the parking lot. The surveyor said…

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 17, 2013
      Q&A Sprinklers Testing (Fire Suppression Systems)

      Q: Where is the main drain test supposed to be conducted? Is it supposed to be at the sprinkler riser or low point drain?

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 10, 2013
      Fire Extinguishers Q&A Parking Garage

      Q: Are we required to have portable fire extinguishers in our parking garages?

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 3, 2013