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      Q&A Appliances Patient

      Q: How are we supposed to deal with patient owned equipment that is brought into the hospital, such as laptop computers, hairdryers, and electric razors?…

      Bob Armbrister | Sep 29, 2014
      Accreditation Article

      Recently, the issue of whether or not the FGI guidelines were enforceable in certain situations came up for discussion. To be sure, the FGI guidelines are…

      Bob Armbrister | Sep 25, 2014
      Q&A Appliances Consumer

      Q: How does CMS and the accreditation organizations look at preventive maintenance of household electrical items, such as lamps and coffee makers used by…

      Bob Armbrister | Sep 22, 2014
      Article Decorations Bulletin Boards

      The 2000 Life Safety Code, section 18/ is pretty clear when it states combustible decorations are not permitted in healthcare occupancies unless…

      Bob Armbrister | Sep 18, 2014
      Q&A Mechanical Rooms Storage (Life Safety Code)

      Q: I was always under the impression that no storage was allowed in mechanical rooms within hospitals. Now I work at a hospital that allows ladders and…

      Bob Armbrister | Sep 15, 2014
      Article Emergency Lights (Life Safety Code) Exits

      I was talking to a hospital facility manager recently and he was miffed that a surveyor cited him for not having emergency power lighting on the exit…

      Bob Armbrister | Sep 11, 2014
      Q&A Door Locks

      Q: We have been asked to install a lock on a door in the path of egress through an office. For security reasons they would like to lock the doors to and…

      Bob Armbrister | Sep 8, 2014
      Exit Signs Article Signs (Life Safety Code) Signage (Life Safety Code)

      Why is it that hospital facility managers are often surprised when surveyors ask to see the documentation that their exit signs were inspected on a…

      Bob Armbrister | Sep 4, 2014
      Electrical Rooms Q&A Storage (Electrical)

      Q: Can cardboard boxes be stored in an electrical room that is over 50 square feet, fully sprinklered, and has only dry transformers under 112 1/2 kVA?

      Bob Armbrister | Sep 1, 2014