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      Accreditation Article Decorations

      Bob Armbrister | Nov 27, 2014
      Business Occupancies Fire Extinguishers Q&A

      Q: What is the requirement for inspecting fire extinguishers in our medical office building? Is it different than what is expected in our hospital?

      Bob Armbrister | Nov 24, 2014
      Article Decorations Life Safety Code

      I received the poem below from Jeff Clouse, Safety Officer at Baptist Health in Lexington, KY. He says it is his way of using humor with the staff of his…

      Bob Armbrister | Nov 21, 2014
      Article Construction Barrier Life Safety Code

      I was a co-presenter in a recent HCPro webinar on the new 2012 Life Safety Code along with my good friend and colleague Jim Murphy, and I received quite a…

      Bob Armbrister | Nov 20, 2014
      Smoke Compartment Article Fire Doors Fire Drills

      I was recently asked if the Life Safety Code addresses the use of smoke and fire doors during a fire drill. Here is what I responded with:

      Bob Armbrister | Nov 13, 2014
      Q&A Sprinklers

      Q: We completed our hospital sprinkler installation in 1994, and most of the sprinklers that were installed were quick response sprinklers. Now I hear at…

      Bob Armbrister | Nov 10, 2014
      Corridors Accreditation Article

      The following comment is a result of an article that I ran last August on corridor clutter (search: Comments on Corridor Clutter), which quoted Randy…

      Bob Armbrister | Nov 6, 2014
      Q&A Fire Alarm

      Q: Are we supposed to have smoke detectors in the corridors of our hospital? I see the Statement of Conditions ask if we have smoke detectors in our…

      Bob Armbrister | Nov 3, 2014