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      Article Fire Doors Doors

      During the building tour a surveyor observed a label on a frame for a fire rated door assembly that read "Fire Resistant Frame - This frame is identical…

      Bob Armbrister | Jan 29, 2015
      Q&A Portable Space Heaters

      Q: As the cold weather starts to creep up on us I'm continuously asked by staff if they can have a personnel heater in their office space (not patient…

      Bob Armbrister | Jan 26, 2015
      Article Emergency Lights (Life Safety Code)

      I was recently an interested bystander in a group discussion concerning the proper testing and inspection of a battery powered emergency light fixture…

      Bob Armbrister | Jan 22, 2015
      Q&A Curtains

      Q: Are there any requirements regarding outer hospital windows to have curtains or blinds? Some seem to think that they are required in case of severe…

      Bob Armbrister | Jan 19, 2015
      Article Power Strips CMS

      I received a question from a reader that I was unable to immediately answer. The question dealt with the use of power strips in a business occupancy: Did…

      Bob Armbrister | Jan 15, 2015
      Business Occupancies Q&A Ambulatory Care Occupancy Clinics

      Q: We have multiple outpatient centers and clinics, and I would like to know how the Life Safety Code classifies them. Are they all treated as business?

      Bob Armbrister | Jan 12, 2015
      Shower Curtains (Life Safety Code) Sprinklers Article

      For bathrooms and shower rooms that are protected with automatic sprinklers, do the shower curtains require the same open mesh at the top as privacy…

      Bob Armbrister | Jan 8, 2015
      Q&A Door Locks

      Q: We have a separate building on our campus that includes our behavioral health unit, along with related offices and meeting rooms for the support staff.…

      Bob Armbrister | Jan 5, 2015
      Safety Article Life Safety Code

      A reader recently asked me if lit candles are prohibited in a healthcare occupancy? I've researched this before but apparently I never posted anything…

      Bob Armbrister | Jan 1, 2015