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Our Life Safety educational resource hub is full of healthcare knowledge to help you be better informed of the changing world around you. 

Rather than sit back and act on decisions made by others, we are leading the charge as it relates to identifying best practices for Life Safety Code® and compliance. We have real people that give our clients real information that can be put into practice.

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Fire AlarmDoor LocksArticle

I received a telephone call recently from a lawyer that asked me if I would be willing to serve as an expert witness in a pending litigation suit. The situation …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Feb 26, 2015
Q&AHVACSmoke Compartment

Q: I have never been able to understand what a fully ducted heating system is and when a damper is not required. Can you explain this matter to me? A: …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Feb 23, 2015
Electrical EquipmentElectricalArticle

There are quite of few issues concerning electrical panels that need to be addressed during a survey. Hospitals frequently take electrical panels for granted and overlook some of the more …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Feb 19, 2015
Q&AFire DoorsDoors

Q: What is the permitted force to open a fire door? What kind of means can be used to test this onsite? A: The answer to your question is found …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Feb 16, 2015
ArticleTrash Receptacles

An off-site clinic far from the main hospital will be part of the accreditation survey. Currently they have open trash cans (wastebaskets) throughout the building. The staff at the offsite …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Feb 12, 2015
Q&AMedical Records

Q: Do medical records in an off-site, business occupancy building have to be fire protected? This was not cited during our survey, but I heard from another hospital that this …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Feb 9, 2015
Fire ExtinguishersArticleDocumentation (Fire Suppression Systems)

A surveyor recently cited an organization stating the hospital did not have a document indicating all of the portable fire extinguishers were inspected on a monthly basis. The surveyor asked for …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Feb 5, 2015
Q&AFire Alarm

Q: I am having trouble with locating in the 2000 edition of the Life Safety Code where single station battery powered smoke alarms are being addressed for maintenance. I know …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Feb 2, 2015

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