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      Article Ambulatory Care Occupancy Fire Drills Life Safety Code

      I spoke at an Infection Control conference last week in St Louis, sponsored by the Excellentia Advisory Group. There were 13 different presentations made…

      Bob Armbrister | Apr 30, 2015
      Q&A Alcohol Based Hand Rub Dispensers Gift Shops Helium

      Q: Can we have a helium tank if secured properly in gift shop? And what are requirements for hand sanitizer locations- location to switches or outlets?

      Bob Armbrister | Apr 27, 2015
      Q&A Soiled Utility Room Doors Signs (Life Safety Code)

      Q: Are you aware of any door signage requirements for soiled utility rooms and/or trash rooms?

      Bob Armbrister | Apr 20, 2015
      Corridors Handrails Q&A

      Q: I am working on an aesthetic corridor remodel for a hospital. Can you please tell me if there are specific requirements as to handrail locations (i.e-…

      Bob Armbrister | Apr 13, 2015

      Just a note today informing you I need to take a break from my regular blogs for a while. Due to an increase in workload, speaking engagements, a…

      Bob Armbrister | Apr 9, 2015
      Q&A Sprinklers Construction

      Q: We have a construction project that involves removing all of the ceiling tiles in the area. Do we have to relocate the sprinklers heads to within 12"…

      Bob Armbrister | Apr 6, 2015
      Article Ambulatory Care Occupancy Life Safety Code

      A reader asked me recently what the Life Safety Code differences were between a new construction ambulatory healthcare occupancy, and an existing…

      Bob Armbrister | Apr 2, 2015