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      Q&A Sprinklers Nursing Home

      Q: Can you clarify for me if the elevator equipment room is required to be sprinklered and have a shunt trip installed in our nursing home.

      Bob Armbrister | Jul 31, 2015
      Q&A Ambulatory Care Occupancy

      Q: How do I determine if our outpatient facility is an ambulatory healthcare occupancy?

      Bob Armbrister | Jul 27, 2015
      Q&A Eyewash Stations

      Q: Does an eye wash station need to be mounted over a designated “clean sink” or can it be in any sink? Some of our Labs only have one sink, so that sink…

      Bob Armbrister | Jul 22, 2015
      Business Occupancies Q&A Fire Drills

      Q: We were recently cited by a surveyor for not conducting annual fire drills at our offsite blood draw locations. I have reviewed the Life Safety Code…

      Bob Armbrister | Jul 6, 2015