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Our Life Safety educational resource hub is full of healthcare knowledge to help you be better informed of the changing world around you. 

Rather than sit back and act on decisions made by others, we are leading the charge as it relates to identifying best practices for Life Safety Code® and compliance. We have real people that give our clients real information that can be put into practice.

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Q&ASmoke Detectors

Q: Are existing healthcare occupancies required to have smoke detectors if they are fully sprinklered? A: Smoke detectors are required in certain areas of healthcare occupancies, but they are not dependent …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 28, 2015
Q&AILSMFire Drills

Q: Joint Commission standard LS.01.02.01, EP 11 requires the hospital to perform an additional fire drill during periods of Life Safety Code deficiencies that cannot be immediately corrected or during …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 25, 2015
Fire AlarmArticle

A reader recently asked me where in NFPA 72 does it say that heat detectors have to be a minimum of 36 inches away from an air diffuser. He could …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 23, 2015
Q&APortable Space Heaters

Q: Are portable heaters permitted in long term care facilities in offices and other locations? A: Portable space-heating devices are prohibited in healthcare care occupancies (such as hospitals, nursing homes, …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 21, 2015

Q: Got any tips for a novice on how to navigate through the Life Safety Code? I’m interested in specifics on sprinkler placement for water curtains. A: NFPA 13 (1999 …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 18, 2015
Q&AFire Drills

Q: We are getting ready to complete our fire drill schedule and need clarification. When conducting fire drills how many remote fire zone/smoke areas are required to be observed and …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 14, 2015

Q: What does CMS require as far as frequency of testing of air changes per hour (ACH) in hospitals? I see where we are supposed to test and know what …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 11, 2015

Q: Should the official Life Safety drawings for an existing space within a hospital show the rating on a fire barrier as it was originally built or as it is …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 7, 2015
Q&AJoint CommissionClarification

Q: We recently had a survey which resulted in multiple Life Safety findings. We want to clarify away some of these findings, and were told we can only clarify the …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 4, 2015

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