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      Q&A Fire Pump Automatic Transfer Switches

      Q: A state surveyor cited us for not doing a monthly fire pump automatic transfer switch (ATS) test. We are doing a weekly churn test and an annual fire…

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 27, 2016
      Article Waste Containers

      Q: In the fine print of the new 2012 Life Safety Code, under sections 18/ for containers used solely for recycling clean waste or for patient…

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 24, 2016
      Q&A Fire Caulk

      Q: In the past our hospital has used different brands of fire caulk on the same fire wall assembly. The fire caulk is two different brands and different…

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 20, 2016
      Sprinklers Article

      Q: Does an electrical closet under 144 square inches need a sprinkler head?

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 17, 2016
      Q&A Suites

      Q: Are surgery rooms considered to be patient sleeping rooms or non-sleeping rooms? In reference to allowable suite sizes, what is the maximum area of the…

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 13, 2016
      Article Equipment (Fire Suppression Systems)

      Q: Please explain why The Joint Commission standard EP 1 identifies control valve signal devices and valve tamper switches as different pieces of…

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 10, 2016
      Q&A Fire Barrier Ambulatory Care Occupancy

       Q: Our ambulatory healthcare occupancy was constructed without a fire barrier separating the other business in the building. Now I have been asked to…

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 6, 2016
      Article Flammable Liquids

      Q: It is my understanding that you are only allowed to have 10 gallons of flammable chemicals in a smoke compartment without having a fire cabinet. Does…

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 3, 2016
      Article Fire Doors

      When the new 2012 Life Safety Code becomes effective July 5, 2016, CMS will expect all healthcare organizations to be compliant with the requirements of…

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 1, 2016