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Our Life Safety educational resource hub is full of healthcare knowledge to help you be better informed of the changing world around you. 

Rather than sit back and act on decisions made by others, we are leading the charge as it relates to identifying best practices for Life Safety Code® and compliance. We have real people that give our clients real information that can be put into practice.

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Emergency Lights (Life Safety Code)

Q: We have chosen to install some extra battery egress lights in our hospital that are not required. One of these areas is our stairways. 100% of the lighting in …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 27, 2019
Door LocksStairwellsDoors

Q: I'm a Facilities Director overseeing an existing 8-story (basement included) acute care hospital fully sprinklered. We wish to mechanically lock (no auto unlock feature) floors 2-7 (Floor one being …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 25, 2019
SuitesEmergency DepartmentCMS

Q: If an Emergency Department is greater than 7500 square feet but less than 10,000 square feet and is deemed to have "sleeping accommodations", do the requirements of direct visual …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 22, 2019
SecuritySafetySafety Management

Q: How do I decrease workplace violence incidents in the hospital where I work? A: In my experience working within a healthcare setting, the best way to decrease workplace violence incidents …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 21, 2019
CorridorsPatient RoomsDoorsCMS

Q: A deficiency was found by CMS on a recent survey that stated 'staff failed to provide a safe and hazard free environment by not having all doors protecting corridor …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 20, 2019

Q: Someone just asked me a question and I haven’t thought about this one before. This AHJ is enforcing the IBC but I’m looking for an NFPA viewpoint and of …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 18, 2019
Fire AlarmFire WatchILSM

Q: If we put the fire alarm system in test by-pass but we are still monitoring the alarms so we can troubleshoot or test the system so we avoid nuisance …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 15, 2019
Fire AlarmFire WatchConstructionSmoke Detectors

Q: We are seeking to eliminate accidental activation of existing smoke heads in healthcare spaces that are taken over for renovation/construction work while maintaining fire protection coverage in the space …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 13, 2019
Business OccupanciesAccreditationILSM

Q: Is there a code requirement for implementing an Interim Life Safety Measure (ILSM) for occupancies other than healthcare (i.e. business occupancies) if a life safety code deficiency has been …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 11, 2019
Equipment (Generators)Documentation (Generators)

Q: I have a question regarding emergency generators and Level 1 classification. I'm at a sister hospital and they went through a State Surveyor and he asked for proof that …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 8, 2019
Alcohol Based Hand Rub Dispensers

Q: In the 2012 LSC concerning alcohol based hand rub (ABHR) dispensers in a hospital setting, is there a limit to the number of dispensers that can be in a …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 6, 2019
Equipment (Fire Detection Systems)Fire Alarm

Q: My fire alarm installer tells me that NFPA 72 does not require strobe synchronization of two (only two) devices. The sync is required if there are more than two …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 4, 2019
DoorsPositive Latching

Q: I read recently that Joint Commission allows a door with a power operator to not have to positively latch as long as it has 5-lbs. of force keeping it …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 1, 2019

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