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Dry Standpipe Systems

by Brad Keyes, CHSP, on May 8, 2020 1:00:09 AM

Q: We have dry standpipe systems in stairwells in the older areas of our hospital. Are dry systems required to be inspected/tested under pressure? I do not notice inspection tags on these as they are in the wet systems in newer areas.

A: Yes… the dry standpipe systems are supposed to be hydrostatic pressure tested once every 5-years. According to section of NFPA 25-2011, hydrostatic tests of not less than 200 psi pressure for 2 hours, or at 50 psi in excess of the maximum pressure, where maximum pressure is in excess of 150 psi, shall be conducted every 5 years on manual standpipe systems and semi-automatic dry standpipe systems, including piping in the fire department connection. The hydrostatic test pressure is required to be measured at the lowest elevation point of the system being evaluated.

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