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      Elevator Recall Test

      by Bob Armbrister, on Feb 9, 2018 12:00:00 AM

      Q: How do I perform the elevator recall test?

      A: If you have never performed an elevator recall test, I suggest you have your elevator maintenance company show you how it is done the first time, then you can continue to do it on a monthly test. But, in lieu of that, here is how a monthly elevator recall test is performed:

      1. Take a copy of the elevator recall key, insert it in the corridor keyed switch on the level best used by the responding fire department, and turn it to the “Test” position. This key should be available from the elevator service company.
      2. This will recall all the elevators in that bank to the floor that you are on. The elevator will ‘recall’ to that floor and open the doors. The controls inside the elevator will not respond and the elevator car will sit there waiting for someone to take control. The elevators will be “out of service” during this test, so plan on doing this test when it will least impact your operations.
      3. Remove the key from the recall corridor switch (leave the switch still in the “Test” position) and enter one of the elevator cars. Take the key and insert it in the keyed switched labeled “Fire Fighter Service”, and turn it to the “Test” position (It should say “Test”, but if not, turn the switch anyway). Now you have manual control on the elevator buttons inside the car.
      4. Push a button to another floor, holding it until the doors closed. The elevator will travel to that floor, but the doors will not open. If you push the “Door Open” button, then the doors will open, and stay that way until another floor button is pressed.
      5. While in the elevator car, test the function of the emergency telephone in the car.
      6. Return the elevator car to the recall floor, and test any other cars in that bank. Remove the key and go back to the corridor switch and return the switch to the normal setting.

      That is a monthly recall test, which must be done each month to all elevators. You may find that the fire alarm system will become alerted during this test and before the elevators return to normal service you may have to reset the fire alarm system.

      But check with your sate and local AHJs before conducting this test for the first time… There are some states that will only allow certified elevator technicians to perform this test.

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