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      Fire Door Inspections

      by Bob Armbrister, on May 4, 2020 12:00:00 AM

      Q: We are a service company and we are doing door inspections at a hospital where a lot of the doors have fire labels that are in smoke partitions or other non-fire-rated barrier locations.  The facility is asking us to remove the labels but prior to doing so, we want to make sure we have everything covered.

      • The facility will be signing a release of liability to allow us to remove labels on unnecessary doors
      • We have been in contact with the local fire marshal.  He advised there is a process and he would be contacting us back to provide direction

      Is there anything else you would recommend from a Life Safety perspective? How do you recommend documenting this?

      A: I don’t see any need to document this. Once the label is removed it is no longer a fire-rated door assembly. Make sure you remove the label from the frame; don’t just cover it up. If the label is pop-riveted to the frame you will need to drill out the rivets and repair the frame.

      It will be interesting to see what the fire marshal comes up with. Those guys often do not want anything removed, such as labels on doors even if the label is not required. I suggest you check with the local and state authorities to see if they require those doors to have labels.

      Ultimately, if it were me, I would have the customer remove the labels from the doors. That would transfer the liability to them. Your advice to remove the labels would be based on the Life Safety Code requirements. It’s their baby - let them deal with the liability.

      Topics: Fire Doors Inspection & Maintenance (Life Safety Code)

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