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      Spare Sprinkler Inventory

      by Katrina Reed, on May 20, 2020 12:00:00 AM

      Q: We have been requested by management to keep a sprinkler head inventory. I understand this is for spare heads. What are the requirements from NFPA and what would be an example of a good inventory? This is for a hospital…

      A: The requirements are the same for hospitals, surgery centers, or medical offices, regardless of the occupancy classification of the building. NFPA 25-2011, section says:

      • A supply of spare sprinklers (never fewer than six) shall be maintained on the premises so that any sprinklers that have operated or been damaged in any way can be promptly replaced.
      • The sprinklers shall correspond to the types and temperature ratings of the sprinklers in the property. 
      • The sprinklers shall be kept in a cabinet located where the temperature in which they are subjected will at no time exceed 100°F (38°C).
      • Where dry sprinklers of different lengths are installed, spare dry sprinklers shall not be required, provided that a means of returning the system to service is furnished.
      • The stock of spare sprinklers shall include all types and ratings installed and shall be as follows:
        • 1) For protected facilities having under 300 sprinklers - no fewer than 6 sprinklers.
        • 2) For protected facilities having 300 to 1,000 sprinklers - no fewer than 12 sprinklers.
        • 3) For protected facilities having over 1,000 sprinklers - no fewer than 24 sprinklers.
      • A special sprinkler wrench shall be provided and kept in the cabinet to be used in the removal and installation of sprinklers.
      • One sprinkler wrench shall be provided for each type of sprinkler installed.

      So, you need to know what types of sprinklers you have (i.e. pendants, uprights, recessed, concealers, side-wall, dry-heads, high-temperature, etc.), and how many of each in order to calculate how many spare sprinklers you need to stock. You are not required to have an inventory list where each sprinkler type is located, although that would be useful information as well.

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