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Flexible Sprinkler Pipe

by Brad Keyes, CHSP, on Jul 29, 2020 1:00:34 AM

Q: I have a flexible sprinkler pipe question. Can flexible sprinkler pipe penetrate a 2-hour rated fire wall separating a Business Occupancy and an Ambulatory Occupancy?

A: According to section of the NFPA 13-2010, flexible sprinkler piping must be installed in accordance with their listing and the manufacturer’s recommendations. So, take a look at the UL listing and the manufacturer’s recommendations of the device and see if penetrating a fire-rated wall is restricted.

But there is section that talks about clearances through walls for seismic activity, and it says no clearance shall be required if flexible pipe is located within 1 foot (12 inches) of each side of a wall, floor, platform, or foundation. So, while I don’t know why you would want a flexible sprinkler pipe penetrating an occupancy separation wall, it does appear to be permitted provided the UL listing and the manufacturer’s recommendations allow it.

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