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‘Microwave Oven in Use’ Signs

by Marge McFarlane, PhD, MT (ASCP), CJCP, CHSP, CHFM, HEM, MEP, on Oct 9, 2020 1:00:50 AM

Q: I have a question on microwave use and signage. Are "Caution: Microwave in Use" signs required at all entrance locations where microwaves are being used (i.e. staff lounge, nourishment room, etc.)? I know there have been studies conducted to ensure that pacemakers are not affected and the UL listing is required but what about sign placement.

A: The signage would be an OSHA requirement to protect employees. When I review Federal OSHA 29 CFR 1910.97, ‘Non-ionizing Radiation’, the discussion ranges from microwave towers to microwave ovens for cooking, heating food. The information I could gather is that signs for cooking microwaves is optional according to federal OSHA. Specific state OSHA plans may be more restrictive and require signs. From all I can gather, the most important thing is that the seal on the door is intact and clean; that the oven is never used when the door is open and that the oven has a UL label.

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