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Electric Scentsy Pots

by Brad Keyes, CHSP, on Oct 16, 2020 1:00:33 AM

Q: My question involves the electric wax warmers that provides a pleasant fragrance, which are called ‘scentsy pots’. Are scentsy pots aloud in healthcare facilities and if they are not, what code or standard prohibits them?

A: This would likely be a judgement call by the surveyors. If the wax is combustible, then I could see where the surveyor could cite it under of the 2012 LSC for having combustible decorations. The wax doesn’t actually have to be burning to be considered unacceptable. However, if the wax is not combustible, then I could see a case being made that they would be permitted since it is not a combustible decoration.

Another case could be made that the wax (combustible or not) is an aromatic therapy device and is not a decoration. But all of this is at the whim of the surveyor because there is no NFPA code or standard that specifically addresses the device. If they feel it is a problem, they could cite it under combustible decoration standard or perhaps even under a general duty clause for not maintaining a safe environment. Being electric, it would have to be listed by an independent testing laboratory, and initially checked for electrical integrity.

To be safe, ask the person who has the device to take it home.


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