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      Business Occupancies Smoke Compartment Smoke Barrier Ambulatory Care Occupancy

      Q: In a single-story facility that has both Ambulatory Healthcare and Business occupancies, is there a requirement for a smoke barrier in this same…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 28, 2020
      Hazardous Areas Ambulatory Care Occupancy

      Q: Do soiled utility rooms in business occupancies (non-sprinklered) require self-closing doors and 1-hour fire rated construction?

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Aug 31, 2020
      Fire Doors Ambulatory Care Occupancy

      Q: I have exterior metal doors on my surgery center that go to my fire control room, med gas room, electrical room, and vacuum pump room. These are rated…

      Bob Armbrister | Mar 27, 2020
      Ambulatory Care Occupancy Suites

      Q: Am I allowed to have a suite inside an area designated as an Ambulatory Occupancy? And for clarification, do suite boundary walls need to be one-hour…

      Bob Armbrister | Feb 28, 2020
      Ambulatory Care Occupancy Smoke Detectors

      Q: We are a service contractor that is attempting to obtain a contract with a new client that is an Ambulatory Surgery Center. The ASC told us they never…

      Bob Armbrister | Feb 21, 2020
      Ambulatory Care Occupancy Emergency Lights (Electrical)

      Q: We have out-patient clinics classified as business occupancies. Are we required to have emergency egress lighting? If so what section of the 2012 or…

      Bob Armbrister | Feb 19, 2020
      Soiled Utility Room Ambulatory Care Occupancy

      Q: How does one handle a "Soiled Utility" room in an Ambulatory Healthcare Occupancy? If it is a small storage room without large volumes of flammable…

      Bob Armbrister | Feb 13, 2020
      Ambulatory Care Occupancy Fire Drills Life Safety Code

      Q: We have 13 off-site Ambulatory Surgery Centers and some are in stand-alone buildings where they are the only occupant and some are in high rise Medical…

      Bob Armbrister | Dec 13, 2019
      Accreditation Ambulatory Care Occupancy Suites

      Q: We recently had a surveyor tell us that suites are not allowed in ambulatory healthcare occupancies. Can you help explain this and any code references…

      Bob Armbrister | Aug 26, 2019
      Ambulatory Care Occupancy

      Q: We have a building that is next to our hospital that is an imaging center, that is not a healthcare occupancy. Are we allowed to take patients from the…

      Bob Armbrister | Feb 25, 2019