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Cooking Appliances

Q: I have a question on microwave use and signage. Are "Caution: Microwave in Use" signs required at all entrance locations where microwaves are being used (i.e. staff lounge, nourishment …

Marge McFarlane, PhD, MT (ASCP), CJCP, CHSP, CHFM, HEM, MEP | Oct 9, 2020
Cooking AppliancesAppliances

Q: I currently work in a long-term care facility capable of being home to eighty residents, but we have sold off multiple beds and are now down to forty-eight residents …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jul 13, 2020
Cooking AppliancesRisk Assessment

Q: I was having a discussion regarding toaster ovens use in healthcare and the frequency of fires was a factor for not favoring them. We have a few on campus …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Oct 23, 2019
Cooking AppliancesQ&A

Q: We have an assisted living and basic care units at our facility. We have 48 total units: 24 on the east side and 24 on the west side. On …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Aug 9, 2017
Cooking AppliancesQ&A

Q: What is the standard in hospitals regarding use of toasters or popcorn machines up in nursing units where patient care areas are located? Is there an issue or concern …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Apr 13, 2017
Cooking AppliancesQ&AFlammable LiquidsGas Cylinders

Q: Can we store compressed butane gas cylinders used for food-warming and heating in the kitchen or do they require special storage? A: NFPA 30 requires all flammable gases and …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | May 11, 2015
Cooking AppliancesKitchensArticleFacility Services

A reader recently inquired about a residential style stove/oven used in their new hospital for occupational therapy patients. He wanted to know if this residential style stove was required to …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Mar 12, 2015
Cooking AppliancesQ&A

Q: We have portable little butane one burner stoves that dietary likes to use to cook one pan of something in the server area, but they also use it to …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Apr 1, 2011
Cooking AppliancesQ&A

Q: Are toasters, toaster ovens, microwave ovens and coffee makers prohibited in a staff lounge? We have nursing units that want these appliances in their staff lounge but we want …

Brad Keyes, CHSP | Mar 1, 2010

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