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      Article Equivalencies Exits

      Q: We have a hospital with a number of exit enclosures. These passageways have a large number of unrelated utilities running above the ceiling.…

      Bob Armbrister | Dec 5, 2018
      Article Waivers Equivalencies

      Q: When do I complete an FSES equivalency request, before the survey or after the survey? Where do I find the forms need to complete an FSES equivalency?…

      Bob Armbrister | Jul 13, 2018
      Q&A Waivers Equivalencies

      Q: During a recent webinar, the presenter said waivers and equivalencies are only valid until the next triennial survey.   Does that really mean if CMS…

      Bob Armbrister | Sep 4, 2017
      Article Waivers Equivalencies

      There has been much confusion and differing of opinions regarding the process to submit waiver and equivalency requests, and once they have been approved,…

      Bob Armbrister | Apr 10, 2017
      Joint Commission Article Life Safety Code CMS Equivalencies

      As a result of the June 4, 2014 online announcement by The Joint Commission which identified major changes for the Statement of Condition Plan for…

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 6, 2014
      Q&A Suites Equivalencies

      Q: Can an FSES equivalency be written for an oversized ER suite? Our ER was constructed in 2005 and the designer made it 13,450 square feet, which is more…

      Bob Armbrister | Feb 28, 2013
      Sprinklers Article Life Safety Code Construction Types Equivalencies

      This may seem basic to some of you, but one of the problems in the healthcare facilities management industry is people don't always have a good solid…

      Bob Armbrister | Aug 9, 2012
      Q&A Equivalencies

      QUESTION: It has been stated that an organization is permitted to submit either a Traditional Equivalency or a Fire Safety Evaluation System for a…

      Bob Armbrister | Mar 17, 2009