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      Joint Commission

      Over the past year, most traditional on-site surveys have been delayed or interrupted due to COVID-19 restrictions, but now that the caseloads across the…

      Katrina Reed | Mar 11, 2021
      Business Occupancies Joint Commission Life Safety Code CMS

      Q: If I have a new freestanding business occupancy that is licensed, would CMS enforce the provisions of the 2012 Edition of NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code)?…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 13, 2020
      Joint Commission Testing (Generators) Accreditation Fire Drills Testing (Fire Suppression Systems) Testing (Facilities Management) CMS Testing (Fire Detection Systems) Testing (Life Safety Code) Testing (Medical Gas) Inspection & Maintenance (Life Safety Code)

      Q: Has there been an update to the definition of time by TJC/CMS? I'm looking at quarterly fire drills right now, but any changes/clarification on the…

      Bob Armbrister | Apr 15, 2020
      Joint Commission Life Safety Drawings

      Q: The hospital where I work is leased, and the landlord is not a healthcare architect and pushes back on everything. My need is to have the life safety…

      Bob Armbrister | Aug 9, 2019
      Hand Washing Sink FGI Guidelines Joint Commission

      Q: We have a relatively new Infection Control team.  They are performing rounds and having mock surveys with a nurse-consultant that cites issues from the…

      Bob Armbrister | Jul 12, 2019
      Joint Commission Portable Space Heaters

      Q: Could you please clear up a concern related to section 19.7.8 of the 2012 Life Safety Code, that addresses Portable Space-Heating Devices? Section…

      Bob Armbrister | Apr 22, 2019
      Electrical Receptacle Joint Commission Accreditation GFCI Receptacles

      Q: We had our Joint Commission inspection today and they cited us for water coolers and ice machines not being plugged into GFCI (ground-fault circuit…

      Bob Armbrister | Mar 26, 2019
      Joint Commission Article

      Q: We are expecting Joint Commission at our hospital soon. Since they will no longer look at the PFI lists, is it advisable to keep our current open PFIs…

      Bob Armbrister | Jul 25, 2018
      Joint Commission Article

      A lot has been said and written concerning the changes that Joint Commission has made in regards to their Life Safety chapter for acute-care hospitals,…

      Bob Armbrister | Jan 23, 2018
      Joint Commission Q&A Fire Drills

      Q: There is a matrix floating around on the web that describes Joint Commission’s compliance for fire drills. It breaks the quarters down as Q1=January,…

      Bob Armbrister | Mar 29, 2017