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      Signs (Life Safety Code) Signage (Life Safety Code) Nursing Home

      Q: I have a question regarding the use of Oxygen in a beauty shop. When the state was in our facility (nursing home) they indicated that we need to post a…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | May 6, 2020
      Oxygen Cylinders Electrical Equipment Nursing Home

      Q: I am curious if you know of any regulations that deal specifically with LTC residents with oxygen supply and beauty salons. We have a salon in house,…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Oct 2, 2019
      Article Nursing Home

      Q: I work in a long-term care facility. It used to be that fire dampers had to be tested/inspected every four years, but I’ve heard that has changed with…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | May 21, 2018
      Temperature Q&A Nursing Home

      Q: My loved one is in a nursing home and needs additional heat in the winter time, what do I do? The building seems to be at a comfortable temperature,…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Aug 14, 2015
      Q&A Sprinklers Nursing Home

      Q: Can you clarify for me if the elevator equipment room is required to be sprinklered and have a shunt trip installed in our nursing home.

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jul 31, 2015