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      Occupancies Fire Barrier

      Q: I have a client that is building a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The women's component will be licensed to one organization, and the children's…

      Bob Armbrister | Aug 19, 2019
      Occupancies Fire Barrier Storage (Life Safety Code) Parking Garage Separation

      Q: We have a three-story parking structure attached to a hospital. The top floor of the parking structure is not covered and is open to the atmosphere. Is…

      Bob Armbrister | Apr 5, 2019
      Occupancies Article Separation

      Q: I am a consultant hired by a health system to review a potential building they want to purchase. The architect on this project tells me that the…

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 27, 2018
      Occupancies Article

      Q: Back in June of 2017, you posted an article about “Inpatients in Outpatient Locations”, but I am unable to access that posting. Can you re-post that…

      Bob Armbrister | Jun 5, 2018
      Occupancies Q&A Separation

      Q: There is an existing clinic which is classified as business occupancy that leases space within a rehabilitation and nursing center. Does this need to…

      Bob Armbrister | Dec 8, 2017
      Occupancies Q&A

      Q: A Hospital System that I do work for is in the process of constructing a Medical Office Building off-campus (over 250 yards from the Hospital). The…

      Bob Armbrister | Feb 21, 2017
      Occupancies Q&A Separation

      Q: I have a 3 story hospital and I would like to have a mixed occupancy classifications for different floors. The basement floor is for support - no…

      Bob Armbrister | Feb 15, 2017
      Occupancies Q&A Exits

      Q: If I want to classify my building as a healthcare occupancy, even though I have a business or ambulatory healthcare occupancy in it, I know I need to…

      Bob Armbrister | Jan 30, 2017
      Occupancies Accreditation Article

      In a rather surprising interpretation by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), all Emergency Departments are now required to be classified…

      Bob Armbrister | Jan 24, 2017
      Occupancies Q&A Ambulatory Care Occupancy

      Q: We have an Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) located in a one story nonsprinklered building, and is separated from a physician’s office. The exit access…

      Bob Armbrister | Oct 13, 2014