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      Corridors Smoke Barrier

      Q: We are a physician’s clinic building and we have a section of wall in a corridor above a door where the drywall on both sides of the smoke barrier wall…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 2, 2020
      Business Occupancies Smoke Compartment Smoke Barrier Ambulatory Care Occupancy

      Q: In a single-story facility that has both Ambulatory Healthcare and Business occupancies, is there a requirement for a smoke barrier in this same…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 28, 2020
      Smoke Barrier Fire Barrier

      Q: According to our Life Safety drawings, we have a barrier that is identified as a fire/smoke barrier. A surveyor from a recent accreditation survey said…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Mar 20, 2020
      Smoke Barrier

      Q: Our Emergency Operations team does regulatory rounding every 2 weeks in a different unit or clinic. Our department is responsible for Life Safety.…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jan 24, 2020
      Smoke Compartment Smoke Barrier

      Q: In an EXISTING hospital, when the corridor walls are ALSO a smoke compartment barrier, can the penetrations above the ceiling be sealed with a…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Aug 30, 2019
      Smoke Barrier Accreditation Fire Doors CMS

      Q: The Joint Commission standard for annual door testing states "The hospital has written documentation of annual inspection and testing of door…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Aug 14, 2019
      Q&A Smoke Barrier Fire Barrier

      Q: Are doors in fire rated barriers also required to be listed and installed as a smoke barrier?

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 3, 2017
      Q&A Smoke Barrier Doors

      Q: Are smoke barrier doors and frames required to have a fire rating label?

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Aug 25, 2017
      Q&A Smoke Barrier Doors Testing (Life Safety Code)

      Q: Do doors in smoke barriers in healthcare occupancies have to be tested and inspected? Section of the 2012 Life Safety Code says smoke door…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Aug 23, 2017