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      Business Occupancies Smoke Compartment Smoke Barrier Ambulatory Care Occupancy

      Q: In a single-story facility that has both Ambulatory Healthcare and Business occupancies, is there a requirement for a smoke barrier in this same…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 28, 2020
      Smoke Compartment

      Q: Section 19.3.7 of the 2012 LSC discusses smoke compartments in facilities that have greater than 30 sleeping beds per floor or building. If your…

      Bob Armbrister | Feb 7, 2020
      Smoke Compartment Smoke Barrier

      Q: In an EXISTING hospital, when the corridor walls are ALSO a smoke compartment barrier, can the penetrations above the ceiling be sealed with a…

      Bob Armbrister | Aug 30, 2019
      Smoke Compartment Article Fire Doors

      Q: We are reviewing fire policy, and are wondering if it is a Life Safety Code requirement to have fire and smoke barrier doors labeled as such? By this I…

      Bob Armbrister | Dec 12, 2018
      Smoke Compartment Article CMS

      The following article was published in HCPro's Hospital Safety Insider, on August 3, 2017:

      Bob Armbrister | Aug 5, 2017
      Smoke Compartment Article Fire Doors Life Safety Code CMS

      I just found out yesterday that CMS is teaching their state agency LS surveyors that smoke barrier doors need to be tested in healthcare occupancies. This…

      Bob Armbrister | Dec 9, 2016
      Smoke Compartment Article Doors

      Dear Readers...

      Bob Armbrister | May 4, 2016
      Smoke Compartment Q&A HVAC

      Q: I have never been able to understand what a fully ducted heating system is and when a damper is not required. Can you explain this matter to me?

      Bob Armbrister | Feb 23, 2015
      Smoke Compartment Article Fire Doors Fire Drills

      I was recently asked if the Life Safety Code addresses the use of smoke and fire doors during a fire drill. Here is what I responded with:

      Bob Armbrister | Nov 13, 2014
      Corridors Smoke Compartment Article Doors

      I want to clarify a confusing point in the seven-year old CMS S&C memo 07-18 issued April 20, 2007. This is a memo which CMS wanted to explain that…

      Bob Armbrister | Jul 31, 2014