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      Q: We sometimes take patients into the stairwells for physical therapy. Does the NFPA codes restrict this activity? If we can continue to use the…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | May 26, 2021
      Stairwells Door Locks Stairs

      Q: Section of the 2012 Life Safety Code (LSC), says there shall be no enclosed, usable space within an exit enclosure, including under the…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Nov 23, 2020
      Stairwells Security Cameras

      Q: Is it a violation to have security cameras in stairwells? I have heard of possible citations at other facilities due to the video cable creating a…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Oct 30, 2020
      Stairwells Signs (Life Safety Code) Signage (Life Safety Code) Signs (Facilities Management)

      Q: I recently heard that we have to have two re-entry points in stairwells that are four stories or more, and all doors have to be labeled either "NO…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 21, 2020
      Stairwells Doors Stairs

      Q: In my hospital, they have installed electronic hardware on stairwell doors that allows the door to latch on activation of the fire alarm only. The…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Sep 18, 2020
      Stairwells Storage (Life Safety Code)

      Q: My question relates to storage in stairwells. Emergency Management is requesting patient transfer devices, (Sleds and Stair Chairs) to be stored in the…

      Brad Keyes, CHSP | Jun 15, 2020
      Electrical Receptacle Stairwells

      Q: I work in a hospital that was recently cited for having electrical receptacles in the stairwells, citing NFPA 101-2012, section Are…

      Bob Armbrister | Mar 23, 2020
      Stairwells Doors Door Locks

      Q: I'm a Facilities Director overseeing an existing 8-story (basement included) acute care hospital fully sprinklered. We wish to mechanically lock (no…

      Bob Armbrister | Nov 25, 2019
      Stairwells Emergency Phones

      Q: I have been reading about stairwells and what the code addresses. I am interpreting that the AHJ's are stringent of what can be placed in a stairwell.…

      Bob Armbrister | Jul 1, 2019
      Egress Stairwells Signs (Life Safety Code) Signage (Life Safety Code)

      Q: Can signage, other than that specifically required for inside a fire exit stairwell according to the LSC, be placed inside a fire exit stairwell?

      Bob Armbrister | Apr 1, 2019