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Case Study: Marshall Public Schools


Compliance One assisted Marshall Public Schools in receiving $1 million in grant funding from the State of Michigan Competitive School Safety Grant.


The Problem

CSM Group recommended Compliance One to perform an on-site assessment of seven schools within the district to determine appropriate implementation of security measures to assure a safe and healthy learning environment for all students, faculty, and staff. By utilizing the combined services of Compliance One and CSM Group, safety measures and security devices for egress were identified and implemented to ensure safety and cost savings for the district.

The Solution

Following a thorough site assessment of each building, Compliance One identified several areas of improvement and provided solutions to address these areas of vulnerability at cost-effective means. Compliance One and CSM Group saved the district substantial costs in the creation of safe entryways, door locking hardware, security window film, communication plans, and the creation of "safe rooms" for students and staff during a catastrophic event.

Compliance One created a comprehensive All-Hazards Emergency Operations Plan in conjunction with the city of Marshall's public safety department to ensure all entities were prepared in the event of a large-scale emergency within their district and community. Compliance One brought all entities to the table - including community partners, emergency management personnel, school administrators, and parents - to ensure we understood the unique characteristics and culture of their community, which was vital to the successful project outcome. At the conclusion of this plan, Compliance One authorized the plan to be placed in a public safety database, which is accessible to officers on their in-car computers for a timely and coordinated response.

Protocols for evacuation, lockdown, and shelter-in-place were developed to educate students and faculty on safe evacuation procedures within the seven facilities and where to safely relocate for parent/guardian pick-up. Staff and students will be provided with a hands-on reality-based training session to understand the policies and practice the established evacuation and reunification procedures.