Preventing Job-Related Violence and Security Hazards

At Compliance One, we perform on-site assessments within facilities to identify areas of risk and vulnerability, establish guidelines to develop appropriate workplace violence prevention and safety programs, and provide appropriate training to faculty, staff, and administration.

Healthcare, Educational, and Corporate Safety and Security

The healthcare, educational, and corporate industries have been put in unique situations due to the nature of their environments and the systems placed upon them. These buildings were designed with an open-campus style to individuals, so access control and safeguards can be difficult to implement and enforce.

Historically, healthcare and educational facilities and their immediate surroundings were meant to be inviting, so without proper safety measures, the perimeter of these buildings makes them vulnerable by that very nature. Once you add the human element to these settings, you have a very unpredictable threat that must be addressed.

In the healthcare industry, you have the added elements of patients with mental illness, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or behavioral issues that can be very dangerous, so high priority must be given to protect patients, visitors, and staff from serious injury and liability. Additionally, healthcare organizations house assets such as narcotics, nuclear medicine, or other equipment in which individuals may target for theft or intentional acts of wrongdoing.

Compliance One Group’s team of experts can conduct a threat-based vulnerability assessment of your facility to identify weaknesses or deficiencies in your current system. This information is critical to assess an organization’s risk of safety and liability. Upon completion of the assessment, Compliance One Group can provide your organization with the solutions to address the deficiencies better to protect your patients, visitors, and staff from inherent risks, limiting liability to your organization itself.

Healthcare Safety and Security

Our team of multi-disciplined experts, including current and former law enforcement officials, have the knowledge and experience to develop policies, procedures, and training materials for key personnel within your facility. We are also equipped to offer detailed security services, including:

  • advanced asset and personnel tracking technology.
  • advanced camera surveillance technology.
  • advanced security software.


of hospitals are adopting a workplace violence policy


of hospitals are adopting an active shooter policy

Source: Health Facilities Management Magazine

Educational and Corporate Safety and Security

We are equipped to offer top-notch safety and security services that include:

  • comprehensive assessments to identify vulnerabilities and deficiencies in buildings, on campuses, within policies and procedures, and within employee conduct.
  • full comprehensive Emergency Operations Plans that include state and federal mandates and best practices.
  • full comprehensive Emergency Response Plans that ensure employees, staff, and visitors act quickly and effectively during several types of emergencies, including active violence, tornado, severe weather, fire, lockdowns, shelter-in-place, bomb threats, etc.
  • advanced policy and procedure writing and review.
  • design and implementation of safe rooms within the corporate or educational setting.

We offer advanced training courses that include, but are not limited to:

  • active shooter and workplace violence.
  • use of force and the proper response levels.
  • evacuation and reunification of students to a long-term site after an emergency.
  • fire safety, hazardous materials, meth awareness, and emergency medical care (AED and CPR).

mass shootings in the United States in 2015

Source: BBC News

school shootings since Sandy Hook in a variety of educational establishments, from preschools to colleges

Source: USC School of Social Work

Working with our friends at Compliance One has been a tremendously positive and beneficial experience. Their knowledge and expertise is outshined only by their professionalism and tact. We’ve been able to make improvements to our program that are experience and evidence based, and have had an immediate, tangible impact on the safety and security of our patients, visitors, and staff at Holland Hospital.

Gregory Chatfield

Director of Safety and Security, Holland Hospital

The Compliance One staff worked side-by-side with us on our emergency materials and evacuation drills, making sure the plan fits our community’s specific needs. Joe and Steve were extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Together, this partnership re-established a trusted working relationship with law enforcement and the students and citizens we serve.

Rich VanGorder

Director of Buildings and Grounds, Grosse Pointe Public School System

You can’t put a price on safety, but Compliance One was fair and reasonably priced, especially when you consider the scope and quality of work on our emergency preparedness plan.

Christian A. Fenton

Deputy Superintendent for Business, Grosse Pointe Public School System

For more information on security, contact:
Tom Martin

Tom Martin

Director of Safety, Security, & Training

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