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West Tennessee Healthcare (2)-1

Case Study: West Tennessee Healthcare

About West Tennessee Healthcare

As a public, not-for-profit healthcare system, West Tennessee Healthcare treats more than 185,000 patients in eight emergency rooms, and treats more heart attacks than any other hospital in the state, and over 9,000 heart patients each year.

West Tennessee Healthcare (2)-1

The Problem

West Tennessee Healthcare saw a gap in its existing staff's knowledge around emergency preparedness. As a result, the healthcare system reached out to Compliance One and asked them to conduct a training for its healthcare leaders.

The Solution

Compliance One held a workplace violence training session for 480 healthcare leaders at West Tennessee Healthcare’s leadership retreat. This 6.5-hour training helped attendees:

  • Understand the dynamic of violence in a healthcare setting.
  • Learn to recognize potential per-incident indicators.
  • Learn de-escalation techniques.
  • Identify the need for an organizational risk assessment to promote success in implementing a plan.
  • Examine the importance of the relationship between the healthcare facility and local law enforcement.
  • Learn defense tactics and tactics to keep patients and staff safe during a workplace violence event.
  • Summarize lessons learned from three case scenarios in an active shooter session.